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Legal support services

On this page, we’d like to tell you what we do; other pages in this section deal with the Sheriff Court districts we cover, our current table of fees, and a glossary of legal terms related to our services.

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Service of documents (“process serving”)

Service is the formal delivery of an official document.

  • Service of citations, summonses and writs throughout Scotland.
  • Service of English and foreign process and judgments throughout Scotland.
  • Service of inhibitions (similar to “charging orders” in English law) on Scottish decree or English judgment.
  • Service of notices to quit and notices to leave for landlords, property factors and Housing Associations.

Assistance with service of actions for divorce

We are regularly asked to serve Sheriff Court writs raised by private individuals under the Simplified/Do It Yourself Procedure for divorce. For full details of this service, including associated fees, see our dedicated Service of actions for divorce page.

Note that the simplified/do it yourself procedure can only be used in certain cases, as described on the Scottish Courts and Tribunals web site.

Guidance for private landlords

Notices to Quit and Notices to Leave

We are regularly instructed by private landlords to serve notices on tenants prior to the raising of orders for repossession of heritable property. Subsequent to service of these notices we would be very pleased to assist with enforcement of the order for repossession when granted.

First-Tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber)

Thomas Hannah & Co. regularly acts for private landlord clients wishing to evict tenants under the First-Tier Tribunal (Housing and Property Chamber). As with the Simple Procedure, proper expert guidance is essential in enforcing eviction actions under the new process, which replaces the raising of actions in the Sheriff Court. If required, our own solicitor contacts — highly experienced in the First Tier Tribunal (Housing and Property Chamber) process — can also assist in taking the matter forward and advise on time scales and other requirements, if you are yet to raise an Eviction order under the new process.

We can assist with enforcement guidance and also manage the eviction process on landlord clients’ behalf and including — where requested — highly skilled locksmith personnel who specialise in gaining access to lockfast premises with minimal damage and at reasonable cost.


Diligence in Scots law is the process of enforcement of court decrees on debtors.

  • Enforcement of court decrees throughout Scotland, by means of attachment, arrestment or inhibition.
  • Registration and enforcement in Scotland of judgments from elsewhere in the UK.
  • Lodging notice of inhibition and registering after service.


Repossession is the taking back through legal processes of property that was either used as security or rented or leased in a transaction.

  • Repossession of heritable property including a repair & maintenance service.
  • Repossession of motor vehicles, plant and machinery and other equipment.

Debtor tracing

Debtor tracing is a service we offer through our specialist tracing agency, TracingUK.

  • Residential address tracing and employer tracing.
  • Pre-litigation reports and company director searches.
  • Full trace and serve package, where legal documents are to be served on the subjects.

Full service details are given on the TracingUK web site.

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