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Legal support services

On this page, we’d like to tell you what we do; other pages in this section deal with the Sheriff Court districts we cover, our current table of fees, and a glossary of legal terms related to our services.

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Service of documents (“process serving”)

Service is the formal delivery of an official document.

  • Service of citations, summonses and writs throughout Scotland.
  • Service of English and foreign process and judgments throughout Scotland.
  • Service of inhibitions (similar to “charging orders” in English law) on Scottish decree or English judgment.
  • Service of notices for landlords, property factors and Housing Associations.


Diligence in Scots law is the process of enforcement of court decrees on debtors.

  • Enforcement of court decrees throughout Scotland, by means of attachment, arrestment or inhibition.
  • Registration and enforcement in Scotland of judgments from elsewhere in the UK.
  • Registration and enforcement of Scottish decrees in other parts of the UK.
  • Lodging notice of inhibition and registering after service.


Repossession is the taking back through legal processes of property that was either used as security or rented or leased in a transaction.

  • Repossession of heritable property including a repair & maintenance service.
  • Repossession of motor vehicles, plant and machinery and other equipment.

Debtor tracing

Debtor tracing is a service we offer through our specialist tracing agency, TracingUK.

  • Residential address tracing and employer tracing.
  • Pre-litigation reports and company director searches.
  • Full trace and serve package, where legal documents are to be served on the subjects.

Full service details are given on the TracingUK web site.

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